Sunday, August 9, 2009


And here is my other Ysolda knit - Liesl. Again another popular pattern, and I know why! Before I even cast this off I had the next one planned.

This took 2 and a teensy bit skeins of Melody from The Yarn Cafe. The colourway is "Ivy". I love, love, love this yarn. It has held up so well. It first became the DIC shrug. I ripped that out, started something else. Didn't think I'd have enough yarn for the other thing, so ripped it out again, rewound and cast on for Liesl. And it still looks fantastic and feels divine. When I was knitting this I really felt like the yarn was made for this pattern. I've just now blocked it with a steam iron for the photos, and sits really nicely when on. I was a bit disappointed that blocking it lost all the squishy-ness that the it had due to the pattern, but it did open up the lace really nicely and it fits well. I knit it two sizes smaller than I measure, for a few reasons - I knew my bust size was going to shrink as I wind up breastfeeding F and after reading a bit on Rav I felt that it might end up too big if I knit my size at the time. So far it's worked out perfectly, but time will tell!

I did the capped sleeve version of this, with the picot bind off on both the arms and bottom. It looks so pretty. And after all I've read about attaching the arms on Rav, I think I'll just stick to the cap sleeves in future. Makes a nice vest-type thing over a short or long sleeved top I think. I put two buttonholes in this (I meant to do three but forgot to do the third... doh!) but I'm starting to think it would look good held together with a lovely shawl pin. Will have to see if I can find buttons I like or not.

Can't wait to wear it out somewhere!


Anonymous said...

wow! so breathtakingly beautiful, do you like it on?

Lou's Mum said...

thanks Kris :) I do like it on, although the front bottom flares out a bit. I think I actually like it better unblocked! but it does sit nicely. I can't believe that I made it and it fits perfectly! hopefully it will not grow too much more.

Mary :) said...

looks fabulous. I'd love to see a pic of it on.