Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 weeks

And my ILs will be here. They haven't seen L since just before his 2nd birthday. They have never seen M and F (apart from photos of course). And they haven't seen our house fully finished. The last time they were here we didn't have a garden, fences, or most of our flooring. And we certainly didn't have all the accummulated "junk" we have now. So I've got 3 weeks to do something about it! You know, all that stuff that you stick somewhere to get rid of it, because you don't really have a place for it, and you think you'll come back in the near future to deal with it properly, but you never do. All that cleaning up you need to do that regular visitors to your home might never notice, but people actually STAYING IN YOUR HOME will have more opportunities to find. I have a list. It's pretty long. DH has been very good and done a few things from the list without even being asked to. Much better than me. I wrote the list, and that's about as far as I got.

Fortunately they won't be here for all that long before we head off for a family holiday together, but still. Although I don't really know why I am worried about it. I remember the story my MIL told me about how she was once addicted to Pacman (remember that revolutionary game?!). About how she would pack the kids off to school (all 5 of them) and then sit down in her jammies and gown for a morning coffee and some pacman, and all of a sudden it would be 3pm and ooops! kids will be home from school soon! Makes me feel not so bad. But still. I've got a bit of work to do.

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