Friday, October 30, 2009


I know some people don't like Halloween. That it's just an *American* thing (which it's not really, but that's a whole other discussion). But we do find it a bit of fun and the boys are interested in it. And hubby being of the North American persuasion, means that it gets a look-in in our home.

We get a few trick or treaters around, so we *decorate* the front of the house a bit to let them know they are welcome to knock on the door.

Last year was the first year I relented and let DH take the boys around to a few of the neighbours houses. Luckily they were all very accommodating and the boys had a great time.

But another bonus of Halloween is the opportunity to do some themed crafting with the kids.

Felt bats and pumpkins, ready to go!


Elissa said...

I used to think it was such an American thing too LOL! But now we live in a village where groups of kids get dressed up and go trick or treating. We've just been out this evening for our first Halloween - and it was SO FUN! What a great community thing to do - kids and people out on the street, it was just lovely. Hope your boys had fun this year :)

Lou's Mum said...

I love the community side of it too - talking to the neighbours we never see, passing people on the street and saying hello rather than just walking by without acknowledging each other. The boys has a great time (not to mention the haul of stuff they brought back!).