Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knitting vs Housework

I was pondering these two things this morning. Mostly because the piles of folding and washing seem to be multiplying faster than I can take care of them. And because my children seem to have in-built crumb-spreaders, and I'm forever sweeping or vacuuming up crumbs. And that's not even the half of it.

In some ways they are both alike. Housework is repetitive and boring. Knitting can be that way too. I can see why some people might think that knitting is about as interesting as folding the clothes, or doing endless loads of washing. So why would you bother?

Well my pondering led me to the conclusion that yes, while knitting can be repetitive and boring and sometimes a project can feel endless (especially when my mind is already thinking about the next thing I want to start making!), that at least there is an end to it. Sure, you might knit something that isn't terribly interesting to make - something mindless for tv watching perhaps - but at the end of it you'll have something. Even if it is the most mundane thing you can think of. A bit like this....
Not-very-intersting garter stitch (to me at least, I'm not a fan of knitting garter stitch). But as I was making it I could see it growing and changing and become something. Something that would be useful. It's this pattern here. A not-terribly-interesting cushion cover. And it's only one half of the entire pattern, so I still have more garter stitch to go. But it's going to be something I can use. And there is going to be an end to it. This project isn't going to continue to haunt me - I can never make another one if I like! And when it is finished I'll have made something.

The housework never ends. I never feel like I've achieved anything with it, because as soon as something gets "finished" I turn around and find more there waiting for me.... more washing to do, more clothes to fold, more dishes to clean, more tidying to do. The list goes on. It's not satisfying to me.

So in my world, in a Knitting vs Housework match-up.... Knitting wins everytime :)

I suspect it's the same in your world too?

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