Monday, October 19, 2009

There's no place like home

It's nice to go on holidays.... but it's nice to come home too. I think we probably stayed away a few days too long. It was fun though... rainforests, reef, mountains and finally, beach.

I got a little knitting done. Mostly completed on *rest* days when Miss F was napping in our apartment(s). Fortunately for us our accommodation was overlooking either the pool and/or the beach so DH was able to take the boys out for some fun and I could still be a part of it while knitting from the balcony.

I was also lucky enough to make a visit to this place....

I could have spent all day in here (not to mention how much money I could have parted with!) but I had DH giving me the *hurry up yarn shops are boring* look, and hungry children that needed to be fed. I got to catch up with the lovely Lesley from Cherub's Kiss too.

Here is one of a few purchases....

There were a *few* more. I'll post those a bit later.

We also got to meet up with the lovely Sarah Bean and her boys for a play in the park. Sadly I don't have any pictures of that as I left the camera in the car.

And now we are home. Back to the old routine. Except the old routine is a bit off since the car isn't working :( But happy news is that it will be fixed tomorrow. And I will no longer have to rely on other people to ferry my children about. More happy news is that due to not having to ferry my children about, I am stuck here at home, with time to knit :)

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