Monday, October 19, 2009

Some sewing

In a frenzy yesterday morning, fuelled by the thought that if I did something constructive it would take my mind off the shocking headache I had, I made this.
Does this fabric look familiar?

I had a bit left over.... perfect for making a matching cushion cover for our new couches. Although I'm actually going to put this cushion on our *old* chair from IKEA.

I followed this tutorial for making the cover. Super easy to follow. My first time inserting a zip. It was really easy to do. Sadly my workmanship is still lacking a little, so I won't show you the stitching around the zipper LOL but it is good enough.

I have a few more I need to do so I'll be more careful with the next ones. Turns out I was sick anyway - the headache was the beginning of something worse :( - so that's my excuse for my less-than-perfect stitching, and my can't-be-bothered-unpicking attitude.

1 comment:

Sam said...

I hope the 'something worse' isn't too bad! On the bright side, at least you waited until you got home from holidays! Zippers aren't as intimidating as they look are they?