Monday, May 21, 2007

Central Park Hoodie

Progress report

Finished front left. Cast on front right last night. All was going well with FL until a few nights ago when I attempted to do the arm and shoulder shaping. Somehow, I mananged to leave a stitch behind at some point. I guess I dropped it, but it was on the edge so not sure how that happened. Anyhoo, had to go all the way back to pick it up and re-do all that I had just done. Fortunately it wasn't that many rows, and I managed to redo it all last night and even get FR cast on. So I'm on the ribbing of that and hopefully that will be a nice quick knit like FL was :)

Progress Report

Finished the back! Didn't take too long at all (although I did spend every spare knitting moment working on it and nothing else has progressed). Only one minor stuff up. Well, two. Got to the arm shaping part and stopped to take a look at my handiwork, only to discover that on one cable column I'd forgotten to actually do the cable! Ugh. So, ripped it back and started that again (thankfully I'd only gone one more repeat on so it wasn't all that much) BUT..... get to the next cable repeat and check again and guess what?! dropped a stitch back when I was reinserting my needles :( Fortunately I managed to repair this without ripping it all out again and finished up the back last night. Pretty quick if I do say so myself, and considering I've been sick so have had quite a few non-knitting nights recently when I've opted to lay about feeling sorry for myself instead.

Have just cast on the left front.

Oh, and if anyone notices anything amiss in the above pic, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!

Well, even though I said I was going to knock some of my WIPs off before I started anything else, I just couldn't resist :)

I actually thought I'd just cast this on and that would be enough motivation for me to finish the other things and get on with this, but once I'd done that much, I just couldn't stop. Finished the ribbing on Saturday night and the rest of the progress was over the course of yesterday.

The cables are surprisingly easy! And I'm finding them something to look forward to as I'm going through the pattern repeats. I love this yarn, it's so soft and silky and is lovely to knit with. Thank goodness considering the cost of it!

I decided not to try knitting this in one piece, and a good thing too, because I'm sure I would never have been able to keep track of where I was without stuffing up somewhere. I think it would have just felt like it was taking forever too, with such long rows.

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Sam said...

oh lovely! After all the angst over getting the right yarn, it's looking fabulous! Can't wait to see it finished!