Thursday, May 17, 2007

The trouble with Dyelot #95

Someone was selling Jo Sharp yarns for half price on ebay recently, so I snapped up 8 balls of the Silkroad Aran Tweed for only $36! In colour Taffeta #142, dyelot unknown. I had been thinking of using this yarn for the CPH, but in a different colour, but at half the price, Taffeta would work just fine for me :)

I went to my LYS to see if I could see the yarn IRL (after I made the purchase of course LOL - more to check that the colour was what I thought it looked like) and what do you know?! They only had exactly 7 balls of it left - dyelot #95! I needed 7 more balls. So I bought them.

Now, I *knew* that the dyelots would probably have some variation, but I figured it wouldn't be so different that I couldn't incorporate the different dyelots into the one garment fairly invisibly. Oh, how wrong could I be?!

The ebay purchase arrived and the colour was SO different as to be almost a completely different colour :( Very disappointed, however I soon discovered that later dyelots than those I bought from the LYS were more like the ebay balls. Unfortunately no one local had anymore of dyelot #95 left, which was the dyelot I preferred. Tried a few online stores also, with no luck :(

But! -

A big thanks to Kelly from Dyelicious, who managed to find me some stores that did actually have dyelot #95 left!!

First batch arrived today, and now I have 14 balls sitting her waiting to be turned into something lovely! and the colours match perfectly, of course :)

Three more balls in the mail!

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