Sunday, May 6, 2007

Not much going on here....

...but 3 hours at the hairdresser did make for a bit of progress on the shrug. No pics yet as it's really very uninteresting at this point. 51cm of ribbing (ugh!) and I'm finally on the lacy pattern, although I did notice that I stuffed up one of the diamonds. At first I was beginning to feel a bit devastated by this, but then thought about the hassle (and pain) of redoing it all, and after a bit of reflection about how totally invisible it will be to anyone else, I decided it's not that bad after all :)

Everything else has pretty much ground to a halt atm. Been a bit busy the last few evenings and just no time to sit down and knit really. Have done a few more rows on the throw, and am now up to the third set of squares. The thought of knitting that thing really does my head in LOL I must get it finished for DH by winter though. It's deceptively difficult really, I think because it is so easy and therefore very easy to *tune out*, which I did on the last set of squares, so my squares have some flaws. Again I decided that the time and effort required to rectify this is just not worth it so I'm leaving it. I will pay attention on the next block of squares. This is my solemn vow.

I keep meaning to pick up my yarn swap longies again, but I really need to try measuring them against M to see how I'm going with the rise (I'm winging it again and trying something different to see how it will look so I'm not working from a pattern), but everytime I remember I need to do this, I've just put him down for a nap, or to bed for the night. I really do need to write myself a "To Do" list LOL Well here's a brainwave.... he's not asleep right now and I'm thinking about it. Hmmm.....

I did make something with a haul of beads I got from Bead Needs last week, but no pics as not terribly exciting. They are a gift for someone who was very generous.

Ok, that's it. sorry to be boring to anyone that happens to be reading this! Housework has taken over my life and I'm pretty sure no one's interested in seeing my vacuuming my floor! (esp me LOL)

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