Thursday, January 17, 2008

Omo Scarf - Progress

in the absence of anything terribly exciting to blog about, here is the latest pic of my Omo Scarf:

I weighed it all up last night and I'm about halfway through the 100gm skein. It's still not long enough, but it's pretty long! I'll keep going until I'm happy with the length, or the ball runs out. Whichever happens first. I had put this down for a bit in favour of the Azure socks, but the colour dilemma has made me lose interest in those, so I picked this up again. Unfortunately this meant that I spent a good deal of time yesterday unknitting, instead of knitting! It took me a while to get the pattern repeat set in my head again. Also knitting while trying to amuse children at the same time clearly doesn't work for me.

1 comment:

lucretia said...

I love this... there is a good chance I'll be a copycat and do this with my YC wool too.