Monday, January 14, 2008

What to do, what to do?

My problem might be obvious from the pic:

Not sure what to do about this. The difference is much more obvious IRL. I have 150gms of this wool, all in 50gm balls. I thought I'd picked the two that had the most of the blue colour through it, but obviously not! The third ball would go much better with the sock in progress. Just not sure what to do, since I've got one complete sock. I figure I've got two options:

1. Live with it. Have a pair of socks that are the same, but different.

2. Knit a third sock when I'm done with the second, and frog the first sock and use that for something else (baby knit maybe?)

Can't think of any other options at this point. Anyone got any ideas??


sarah bean said...

I'd totally go option #1.

lucretia said...

I'd go #1 as well but with an option of #3... overdye them both with a darker shade of green or blue when you're done. It might bring the colours closer together.