Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spot the difference

Finally, my first FO for 2008!!

But they're not really a "pair". Can you spot the differences? There's more than just the colour, but the other bits are not obvious from the pic. And no, one is not more ginormous than the other, the lighter one is just on the "sock blocker" that my DH kindly fashioned for me from a wire coathanger LOL

I've found it amazing how I am able to interpret the exact same pattern that I've just completed, in a completely different way to how I've only just interpreted it! Knitting lesson #101 - make notes, esp if you have to knit the same thing exactly again. The difference isn't huge, but at the gusset increases it began to occur to me that I didn't recall doing what I was doing last time. After much examination of the first sock, and not being able to actually work out exactly what I DID do, I knit the second sock in a manner that I thought resembled what I did on the first sock. It was not the same. Doesn't seem to be affecting the sock at all though, but if you look closely at that area on both socks, you can see they are different. Maybe I should try the knitting-two-socks-at-the-same-time option for my next pair? Either way, neither of the above socks are quite as the pattern would have intended them to be, but meh.

Oh, and I've decided to go with the not-quite-matching-but-the-same option from a previous post, as I really can't face knitting this a third time!


Peta said...

They look great Kim, well done! I think the colour difference gives them character. I love this pattern I'm just working up the courage to try toe up.

Anonymous said...

I like the same but different look- but I wear odd socks on occasion too LOL

I am the same with not remembering what changes to the pattern I make so I bought a small notebook that I keep in my knitting bag (could also fit in the knitpicks folder) Its helped a lot!