Sunday, October 26, 2008

One fish, Two fish....

These were super-quick and a lot of fun to make. I cast the navy one on at around 10pm last night (right after I finished the other one) and this morning just finished off the head and put on the eye. I'll be making more of these as gifts I think. so cute!

And my first ever dishcloth - Chinese Waves. This only took two days to finish. Really easy pattern and it's already been put to use in the kitchen. DH seems to like it - but don't think it's going to get either of us to be more enthusiastic about the dishes LOL

I must say I know what people mean now when they say knitting with cotton hurts their hands :( mine are feeling quite sore, so I'll be taking a break from knitting (at least for the rest of today!) to let them rest, and probably leave more knitting with cotton for a bit. But I was quite eager to get all of these completed so it's probably just my own fault for doing too much at once.


Bec said...

The fish look great! I'm planning on doing some for christmas pressies.
Oh and if you *do* find something that gives doing-dishes-enthusiasm please share it! I could definitely do with some!

Lucky-1 said...

Love the fish and that dish cloth is really lovely. Love the close up of the dish cloth. Shows the pattern off nicely:D