Thursday, October 23, 2008

Put a fruit tingle on the tip of your tongue...

...cause the tingle-ingle-ingle is a lot of fun!

I'm calling this "Fruit Tingle Juliette" because it's colours match those deliciuos little morsels almost perfectly (I only had an orange one here for the photo, no yellow, but the pink and green are a perfect match!).

I used the Dyelicious Soaker Club yarn from Yarn Collective. It's gorgeous - the yarn, the colourway, the pattern. I LOVE it!!! I made the large size, even though Miss F is not quite 6 months old and it fits! Not too big, but still plenty of room to grow into it. Which is good because I don't think I could wait to put this on her and show her off in it :) No action shots yet cause she's sleeping and we have to dash out shortly, but will put some up soon.


sue said...

It is absolutely beautiful in all those pastels, how sweet.

Kylie said...

Fruit Tingle indeed - I love it.