Monday, October 13, 2008



Only took me just over a month of knitting mostly in the evenings. If I could have sat down for longer stretches I might have finished sooner. Oh, and I did have to frog it back a little after splitting for the arms because it was looking a little big. Glad I did, because I'd say it is probably still a little larger than it could have been and still fitted well. But I wasn't sure and it does actually fit comfortably so I'm happy with it for now. I'd like to make another one, or something very similar (with a bit more interest in the body maybe) a bit smaller.

And I'm proud to say that this is my very first finished adult object! Not including adult-sized socks of course. Which I don't count as an adult sized garment.

I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, which was the wrong gauge (hence it being a little big due to upsizing a bit too much), and I love the way it's knitted up. I've had lots of comments on it IRL so that's great too :) It's supposed to have 6 buttons (there is one in the pic) but it actually only has two on it atm. I wanted to wear it so searched desperately through the little stash of buttons in the sewing kit and came up with two that were the right size and the same! This button stash is made up of spare buttons that come with garments, so I was stoked to find two that matched, but disappointed that I didn't have 4 more of them because I think they work quite well. Oh well, off to Spotlight to find 6 matching ones today.

Ooh, and I've just noticed I match the wall in the background LOL

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