Monday, April 30, 2007


Why am I sitting here at the computer when there are a million other things I could/should be doing? Probably because those things aren't very appealing LOL Although I have been quite productive today. My mission for this week is not to turn the computer on while L is at home. I am also aiming to stay off the computer in the evenings. I guess if I can manage that, then a couple of hours (or less depending on how M sleeps) in the afternoon while L is at kindy won't hurt, right? my lunch hour, so to speak :)

Anyway, managed to get 3 loads of washing done AND HUNG OUT!! before lunch. made the bed, cleaned the loos and sorted out a few orders for customers. I've even got a real excuse for sitting at the computer, as I have some *real* work to do. I've done part of it, the rest of it will involve actually moving and using my brain, so for now I'm putting it off LOL might try and get on it tonight.

The knitting ban isn't going too well, but I have really cut down in the last week. I couldn't do nothing, so I've really been taking it easy and only doing bits at a time. I've figured out that it's a muscular problem (most likely anyway) as the muscles in my arm feel quite sore, so I think it's coming from holding my arm up to knit. Have really been concentrating on keeping my arms down, and yesterday I even propped my arm up on a couple of pillows, to take the *weight* off in a way. Seemed to work ok.

No progress pics of anything atm, although I am up to splitting off for the front and back of the child's hoodie for L. I now have no more dyed wool left, so need to dye the two balls I have sitting here, and order some more to complete it. The weather hasn't really been conducive to dyeing wool though, so I've been putting that off.

I can't believe that it rained almost non-stop here from Thursday morning (early) until yesterday (Sunday!). The sun is actually shining today, and no rain so far. Hopefully all my washing will get dry LOL

Had a small windfall on Saturday too. Found $40 in the pocket of a skirt that I hadn't worn for a while! yeeeha! Have spent it already, so the rush is gone, but it was exciting while it lasted :)

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