Thursday, April 5, 2007

I've gone bead mad!

Well, that's what DH is probably saying. Oh, and the woman in the bead shop too LOL Took the boys up to the shop again yesterday to pick out some more beads. L wanted me to get "all colours of the rainbow" so after spending nearly 1/2 an hour trying to find a bead that I liked that I could get in each of the colours of the rainbow - all the while L is literally doing somersaults down the aisle, and continually bugging the shop owner (luckily she's lovely and didn't mind) and with M pulling my hair because he was in the Ergo and this is his new favourite game :( - I came out with these blue and yellow cats eyes. They are more lovely IRL. The other bead is one that L found and liked so I bought it just because :)

Now just waiting for my haul from Beads Needs so I can go completely nuts LOL I figure if 10 projects (as suggested by Rach from Stitch Sista) is acceptable, then of course I need more stitch markers, right?!

I have also paid my deposit for the next beginner beading class, so I do intend to learn how to do more than just make stitch markers :)

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Sam said...

yummy beads! I did a beading class a few years ago, and ended up doing all the jewellery for the spate of weddings I was in at the time! Saved us bridesmaids lots of money!