Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Child's Hoodie

Here's the progress so far. In the end I started with the merino supreme I dyed up to use for longies for M. I don't think I have enough of the merino supreme in the colour I had originally bought (which L chose) and unfortunately they have no more left and I can't find it anywhere either :( Doesn't help that the merino supreme has been discontinued either. I can get more of the cream though, so I asked L which wool he preferred - the dyed or the blue that he picked earlier. He said the dyed wool :) I'm actually not sure if I like the way it is knitting up in this pattern, but I'll press on and see how it goes. I don't want the jumper to overshadow L too much, IYKWIM. He is insistent that I keep using the dyed wool though LOL

I bought some bamboo circs to use for this project too. Not sure if I like those too much either. They aren't addis, and I don't know if bamboo addis would feel much different. I think the join would probably be smoother, but the knitting doesn't seem to *glide* as much as it does with the metal addis. They are ok though, and I do like that my stitches don't fall of my needles as much as usual LOL They're nice and light too, which is good.

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