Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Zhivago Shrug

Here's some pics of the shrug that I'm knitting up for myself, and my progress so far. I found this pattern when I was looking for a pattern for something else, and the woman in the store handed me this book. It's lovely, and I've seen one knitted up and it's really lovely :) It's a Paton's pattern book, and I'm using the yarn specific to that. It's Zhivago and I'm using a very dark blue, but I wouldn't call it navy, or royal. Not sure really. Midnight Blue? Anyway, it's not wool, it's an acrylic/tencel blend, but thought it best not to try to use something else for my first project for self :) It's lovely and silky feeling though, and I'm really enjoying knitting with it. I'm knitting as the pattern specifies, but I'm sure a much cleverer knitter than I could have knit it in the round maybe? I thought about it for a bit, and I just couldn't work out how I'd get to flat from round after I finished all 51cms of ribbing for the arms!!!! Anyway, flat will do for now.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to put it away for a while though :( My wrists and hands and arms have become very sore. From a combination of too much knitting and too much computer :( I have RSI in both wrists and have to be careful, but it's hard to be careful when you just want to finish what you are knitting! So I've decided that I'm going to take a short break, just to give my arms a rest. I need to dye up some more wool to finish off the hoodie anyway, and I have a bunch of paperwork that I have been neglecting in favour of knitting, so this will be a good opportunity to get on top of that.


Melinda said...

That shrug is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your finished one! Lovely!

Melinda said...

BTW, to go to flat from in the round, it's the reverse of knitting longies when you divide for the legs. Simply used your circs as straight needles and begin turning at the end of the row, where hopefully you have a stitch marker to mark the start/end of the round!

Lou's Mum said...

thanks for the tip Melinda! I did kind of work out how I could do it after I had started and gone too far with the ribbing LOL

I need to sit and think about these things for a bit before I start. too eager :)