Monday, April 2, 2007

Drying dyeing

This is merino supreme that I dyed up with the gaywool dyes I used for my yarnswap wool. I want to knit these into a pair of night time longies for M. I tried to leave a bit more white this time. I used too much black with the yarnswap and that kind of took over and didn't quite turn out how I would have liked unfortunately. I'm thinking that I might over-dye the purple as it's quite light blue in some spots and the purple looks a bit patchy. On the last skein (closest in the pic) I left the purple sit a bit longer before doing the other colours and putting it in the microwave, and the colour is much more intense. I think I'll just do that on the other two skeins as I wanted more purple than blue. I dyed up only 6 balls of this, but I really think I might need more to finish a pair of longies. There's only 57m per ball of the merino supreme. At least I have plenty of the mixed dye left so it won't be a problem to dye up some more if I need it. Oh, and I guess that means I *might* just have to buy more of this wool too, since I only have 2 balls left LOL

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