Monday, June 18, 2007

Arrived today!

This lovely haul was from the last Monster Knits stocking on Ozebaby. Definitely got a rush getting these! The multi ball is the colourway "Channon" and it's just gorgeous. I wanted the Blackberry Ridge Merino, but someone beat me to it ;p so ended up with this, which is Aran BFL. Hopefully enough to get a pair of shorties out of. I plan to use the green ball as a contrasting cuff and waistband so that should extend the yarn out a bit. The solid colours are Treliske Organic Merino. The navy is to go with another MK colourway I have sitting here waiting for the warmer weather, and that will also become a pair of shorties if I can manage it!

I love how the balls have been tied up with a coordinating ribbon :)

The postman couldn't fit this in my letterbox so he left it on the front porch! I might have to leave him a note that precious parcels like this need to be handled with care and not left where anyone walking past can see them! LOL

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