Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Third times a charm

I decided I need to face my fear head on.... and I cast on the Sea Horse Dancing longies the other night. One of the reasons I've been afraid of this is because I wanted to attempt the *knitting-with-two-balls* thing, without snipping and weaving. I've tried this once before and while the garment looked *ok*, it was obvious where I'd changed over and it didn't look at all right IMO and I realised I had obviously not done it right. Not one to be beaten by a couple of balls of wool, I have tried again. It took me three goes to get it *right* (rolls eyes).

I've come to the conclusion that I am definitely a visual learner, because even after plenty of advice from the other knitting obsessed members of Woolaholics, I still couldn't work out what it was they were trying to tell me. Now, I'm sure if there were a video of how to do it in, then I'd have had it down in a flash. I'm really not good with written instructions.

But anyway, I think I've got it now. At least, what I am doing seems to be working ok for my liking, and I do not have any nasty looking holes, as was happening before. It's looking pretty good so far.

On another note, I also cast on my first sleeve for the CPH just now. It has occurred to me also, that I could attempt to do both sleeves at once, as I have my lovely new Knit Picks just sitting here crying out for attention, so I may consider this. I'll think about that possibility tonight.

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