Thursday, June 21, 2007

See The Horses Knitting Bag

My "See The Horses" knitting bag from Jacki at The Complete Fabrication arrived this morning!

I love it, it's just gorgeous! I went for a purple inner, which looks fantastic. It's so roomy on the inside too. Should be great for holding all my bits and pieces. I have two knitting bags already, which DH bought me for Christmas, which are great also, but I've been using one for storing projects that I've put on hold for now, and the other really only fits one project at a time in it, so great for that and for taking along, but not roomy enough for the extra couple of projects I've got going at the moment also. And this one would also make a great tote bag anyway, so I can use it for that and/or knitting :) Besides, I love this fabric! How many knitting bags is enough really? LOL

And here's an action shot. And for a bit of freaky knitting-synergy.... the project in the bag is my *Sea Horse Dancing* longies from my previous post.

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