Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday....

.... to the Queen! LOL Unfortunately she wasn't able to attend our home to share these with us, so we are eating them on her behalf :)

In honour of the Queen allowing us to have a public holiday in her honour :) We baked some cookies yesterday. White & Milk Chocolate Tollhouse Cookies to be exact. L helped with adding ingredients and mixing. Also with the eating of the cookie dough. I think I ate about 3 cookies worth of cookie dough myself LOL

I really like the tollhouse cookie recipe, rather than a straight cookie recipe, as they turn out much more cake-like than regular cookies. I'm not a biscuit/cookie fan usually, and I can take or leave them, even if they do have chocolate in them! I really don't like the hard/crunchy/sugary-ness of cookies and biscuits. These are different though. Much spongier, and less dense so more cake-like, as I said. They really soak up milk well too :) The mix made about 3 dozen. I am too scared to count how many are actually left LOL L told me he wasnt' hungry for lunch today, but he was hungry for cookies *rolls eyes* This is why baking cookies is a rare event in this house!

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