Friday, June 22, 2007

A Tale of Two Sleeves

Seeing as my Knit Picks set has been sitting here unused - apart from the gauge ruler - for the last 3 weeks, or however long since I received them, I decided that I would in fact attempt to knit both sleeves of my CPH simultaneously. One sleeve is on bamboo circs and the other on the Knit Picks. I think you can see which needles I prefer knitting with :)

The bamboo are nice, and I really like them, but the Knit Picks are really lovely. I think I even prefer them over addi turbos! I much prefer the pointier tip, as I often have problems getting the needles through the stitch because I knit tightly most of the time. Only problem I had with them was the tips unscrewing as I was knitting with them for the first time. Solved that problem by using THE KEY that comes with them, which I presume is for tightening the tips on enough to not unscrew? But which I thought was for something completely different. They may be, but I will say the tips are staying safely on while I knit now :) Oh, and the Knit Picks were purchased here, and for 20% off! Pretty good price for what amounts to 32 different sets of needles really. Great service there too.

Anyway, I'm firing along with these sleeves! Just need to make sure I label my chart for keeping track of the cables correctly :) Not sure if this will make it any quicker to complete, but at least I won't get second sleeve-itis.

Also making good progress on the Sea Horse longies, but no progress pics of that yet as the camera batteries have died and I don't know where the charger is :(

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Tracy said...

I'm in love with my Knit Picks too :)