Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Knitting

Finally getting around to some baby knitting that isn't nappy-related!

This is the yarn and pattern that I received in my ROAK swap. It's lovely and soft and I love the colour. Should look great on a newborn bub. I plan to embellish a bit when I'm done. Well, that's the plan, but whether it happens on not is another thing! Hopefully there'll be enough left for either the hat or some matching socks :) Should look good with baby vomit on it LOL

None of my bubs have worn handknits so far (at least not anything other than soakers or shorties/longies!). My mother knitted madly for L when he was a baby. Unfortunately it seemed to slip her mind that he was going to be born in summer, so everything she made was unsuitable for the time of year so never got worn. She did make him a nice hooded cardi when he was a bit older, which coincided with his size and the correct season LOL but it wasn't lovely soft wool. Just some acrylic she picked up. Cute still though. M had a box of beautifully knit baby goods come from my elderly aunt in Sydney, but once again he was a summer baby, and everything was white anyway (again not wool, but acrylic) so never really got to see the light of day. All very much appreciated though, just a shame that sizing and seasons never worked out for them. If this bub isn't careful it'll be in nothing but handknits, being born closer to winter!

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Stitch Sista said...

It's seriously exciting as a knitter looking forward to a winter bub isn't it?!!!