Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tea Time

It is relatively chilly here today! compared to recent weather anyway, and it's raining! I rarely drink tea these days (mostly because I'm so incredibly thirsty for ice cold water instead), but M just went down for a nap (fingers crossed it will be a decent one as he seems to have a cold) and I can't be bothered cleaning at the moment. I'm going to enjoy my cuppa and not sure what else yet.

Last night I attempted to cast on a soaker for the new bub, but I messed around with it and started a bit too late, so didn't really get anywhere. I am considering moving myself and my cup of tea to the couch to start that now, but not sure. I'm suffering from some severe sciatica at the moment :( Which is extremely painful whether I sit, stand or walk. I could barely walk L into class this morning. If it wasn't for the pram holding me up I think I'd have fallen over! And the weird thing is it's on my left side now. I've never had it on my left, only on the right. Right side is fine. Oh the woes of pregnancy LOL

Something else I'm thinking of casting on are these. They are so cute! And I have a friend who's due to have her baby boy sometime next week that I think these will make a great gift for. Or maybe a couple of pairs. And maybe a couple of pairs for our new bub too. I was thinking of making a jacket/cardy for her bub, but I don't know that it will get the "love" it deserves, if you know what I mean ;) so socks/booties might be more practical (and cheaper to post since she lives in Ballarat!) LOL

Off to decide what to do now. Might have pics of my decision later if I can drag myself from the couch.

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Tracy said...

Sorry your back is so painful.
For me it was constant heartburn :S
Those booties do look simple and cute.
Much cooler here today too. I'm finally wearing my Market shawl/scarf :) The kids dug out the school jumpers .. only to find them covered in dog hair ..grrr..
Enjoy your tea and good luck with the knitting.