Friday, February 15, 2008

Totally Spoilt

I was extremely surprised to have this lot of goodies delivered to my door this morning! I was expecting one parcel, but when I saw him carrying two to the door I started racking my brain for what I'd bought that I'd forgotten about! LOL Opened it up to find all these beautiful things!

Turns out it was my ROAK (random acts of kindness) Swap from Woolaholics!!!!! I was so excited, but only got a quick look at it all as we had to dash off to playgroup right after it all arrived. Had a good look now and everything is just gorgeous.

Hard to capture it all in a picture so hope readers can pick out the things, I'm describing....

There are 2 skeins of some gorgeously soft Pear Tree Merino. It's a lovely pale green colour. I've really wanted to try some of this wool and now I can! A pattern to go with the wool for a sweet little baby cardigan (so I know what I'll be casting on tonight!) There are also some "hand knit" tags to go with the finished cardi. A block of Green & Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate (which we love here and I'll have to hide from my husband LOL). The item with the ribbon tied around it is a needle roll for dpns in a gorgeous fabric that has parasols all over it, and inside the roll a set of 2.25mm dpns (a size I don't have so great choice swapper!) and the larger item that matches the needle roll fabric is a project bag, which everything came packaged in. The card also has a pattern for a child's hat on it too, so something else to knit up eventually! Everything is just beautiful, and I feel very lucky to have received all of these lovely things.

Thank you so much swapper. I love all of it. And so pleased to receive it at the end of this particular week, which hasn't been much fun with all of us sick in the house since last week. Definitely made my week and has cheered me up for the weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I saw the original package on your sender's blog. The package looked gorgeous.
I am really interested in the knitting patterns that she sent to you. If you are able to let me know what they are, I would be so grateful.
Thank you!
My address is
Sorry for the unsolicited request, but I hope that you might practice a random act of kindness and reply to my query!
Best wishes,