Friday, February 1, 2008

Wooly Goodness

Or should that be yarn-y goodness?

These have all arrived on my doorstep in the last week or so. And now I am on a serious ban. I really do need to start using up what I have. I need to do some baby knitting, and I have quite a bit of undyed wool lying around that would be suitable. So just need to buy some dyes LOL

There's two skeins of 100purewool, which I am in love with. First time I've used this and it's soooo soft! The combo pic has two more balls of BSCF which is to add to what I already have, 3 skeins of Cascade 220 and some beautiful sock yarn from DHDY at The Yarn Collective.

Today I also received another gorgeous 1-2-Go bag from the lovely Jacki over at The Complete Fabrication. The black with butterflies actually arrived a few weeks ago and has been put to good use, but I forgot to take a pic and show it off. Just perfect for a small project, needles and yarn.

So now I must go and do some knitting. And hopefully in the near future there will be more pics of things I've made, and less of things I've bought LOL


Peta said...

What a great haul, you have some gorgeous colours there. I've been umming and aahing about getting some 100purewool but now I think I'll definitely be getting some. I think I have yarn envy!

Lou's Mum said...

hee hee yarn envy!

I think that will be my last yarn haul for a while though. oh no, wait... I've got one more purchase coming! LOL

Jack said...

I am also enamoured with 100purewool - so soft and squishy and very reasonably priced. I have about a kilo of it in stash. LOL

Glad your bag arrived and you like it. :)

Lou's Mum said...

you know, I wasn't that impressed with the 100purewool in the skein, but once I started knitting it up I couldn't put it down!