Monday, January 4, 2010

December FO Month Wrap Up

Remember this post?

Well I didn't quite get there with the 4 WIPs that I had planned to finish. I only finished one. I'm blaming the last minute Christmas-gift-knitting-frenzy. Oh, and my lack of motivation to finish the other three.

So here's the WIP I did finish....
This one had been hanging around soooooo long. The stripes seemed like a good idea at the time, and they really were until I had to split at the front. Then they just became the thing of nightmares. Anyway, I buckled down and it's done. The good news is that it still fits! Even though I started it at the beginning of 2009, with Winter 2009 in mind for wearing, I do think that it will still fit for Winter 2010.

I modified it a little from the pattern. The neck on the last one I made to the pattern wouldn't fit over M's head, so this time instead of modifying the V-neck, I just didn't join up one shoulder to the back, and I put in a buttonhole so we can still get it on. Hopefully should work. Still need to get a button to confirm this though.

So what is the fate of the other 3 WIPs? Well I have to confess that I can't remember what one of them was, since I didn't actually detail them in the previous post! But either way it's gone. I think I may have frogged it. Or maybe I finished it and forgot? It must have been insignificant regardless.

One of them is definitely being frogged. Travelling Woman will soon be no more. I just lost the love for this one, and found something else I'd rather make with the yarn, so it's off to the frog-pond as soon as I can be bothered.

The last one is a cushion cover in Noro. I need to buy two more balls of it to finish it off and I just haven't been able to get to the LYS to do so. It's going to survive though and I will finish it soon I hope.

One of the socks mentioned in that post is off to the frog-pond also. Wanida by Cookie. A. I really love the pattern and I was kind of enjoying the knit, but for me it was some intense chart-following and I kept losing my place, and then I had to rip back the heel because I couldn't get it on, and now it's been so long I really can't remember where I was at with it. I can't be bothered trying to work it out either. So it's coming off the needles as soon as I get the time to do that too.

I was pretty happy to move into 2010 with those decisions made and WIPs finished. A fairly clean slate for the new year! And my first FO for 2010 already completed.

I do plan to try to stay in control of WIPs this year.

PS: Sorry about all the Rav links for any non-Rav readers. There aren't any other options for all those patterns I'm afraid.

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