Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting Organised

I had some fun over the weekend organising some of my stash, matching them with projects and putting the yarn into zip-lock bags. My hope is that this will make them easily accessible and instead of pondering what to make next, perusing Ravelry and coming up with something that I have no yarn for, I'll go to my yarn-in-bags and pick something from there.

There's 12 project's worth of yarn there. Some socks, a couple of shawls, kids knits and a couple of adult knits for me.

The scary thing is that my yarn boxes - all 6 of them - are still full to the brim with yarn! Not to mention the overflow that has made it to the drawers in the base of the bed.

My plan was going well until I started doubting my choice for my next planned cast on.

So instead I cast on something that's not from the bags. But it is still stash yarn and it is something that's been on the backburner for some time - a throw rug for DH. He asks me about it at least once a day, and considering he first asked me for one approximately 2 years ago (at which time we purchased the yarn for it), that's a lot of asking!
I plan for this to be a long term project, so it will be pick-up-and-knit when I can and not a lot of dedicated evening knitting time.

I've been getting organised in other areas of life too. Have found a childcare centre that I'm happy with for the two young ones, so now I just need to fill out all the paperwork and get that sorted. I'm still trying to decide on actual hours, but I've got the paperwork I need to formalise my return to work. I'm starting to feel happier about it, and a little bit excited about the prospect of a lunch break with no little ones trying to steal my food! But then that thought also makes me a little sad. Being a parent can be such a rollercoaster.

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Bec said...

Can't agree more with the rollercoaster ride of motherhood!! Well done on getting organised too - we've spent a few weeks here having one of those good, thorough clean outs. It's very cleansing for the soul!