Monday, August 20, 2007

Finished Objects

My goal since finishing the Rainy Day Sock has been to complete some UFOs that have been hanging around a bit too long (not as long as some other people's UFOs, but long enough that they are now not suitable for this year). Anyway, the first of these is the Child's Hoodie. I can't even remember when I started this now, but I lost interested around halfway through the first sleeve. Mostlly because I ran out of dyed wool, and never got around to dyeing what I did have left, and I suspect that I didn't have enough left to complete it anyway. Also, one or two of the balls that were dyed, got all tangled up and I couldn't be bothered untangling. So motivation was low.

After seeing a different pattern that was quite similar though, I realised that this particular knit didn't actually need arms. Especially since the weather is now not so cold and it would be move suitable as a vest-type of garment. So I ripped out the arm, popped on some garter stitch bits, did a bit of garter stitch around the neck, instead of doing the hood and ...... voila!! A Finished Object :) The *Armless Child's Hoodie sans Hood*.

And what amazes me is that L actually asked to wear it two days in a row and didn't once ask to take it off. I'm still stunned by that.

And in other knitting news... there is another *almost-finished-object*. The Ear Flap cap is nearly done. All I need to do is figure out how to do a crochet crab stitch to edge it with, and possibly make a larger pom pom for the top, and I can cross that one off too.

I also did some work on my Small Things Swap on the weekend, but I'm not happy with the way it turned out so I'm going to do it again.

And no, the second Rainy Day Sock has not be cast on yet, and I am not allowing myself to do it until I have the Ear Flap cap complete, and the swap item done, otherwise I'll become completely obsessed with it and not touch anything else.

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Tracy said...

oh it's so nice to get something off the UFO list :) excellent!!