Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Knitting Bag Challenge

Here's my *entry* into the knitting bag challenge issued by Bec on Woolaholics.

Pretty boring in comparison to some others, but in my defense I rarely take my knitting out with me. And I actually have two knitting bags here (technically I have three, but the other one is stuffed with UFOs and even more boring than these two!) - my Sea Horse Bag and another little bag that was a Christmas gift from DH. Both of these contain current WIPs, so I'm entering them both.

Ok, in the Sea Horse Bag we have:

  • Ear Flap hat in BBR Bulky *Talyn*, which is still on the needles and needs finishing
  • The arms of my CPH, one which is almost complete but which I can't bear to rip out yet, and the other I ripped back to the ribbing to redo
  • Knit Picks Options set
  • Calculator (i was wondering where this had got to!!)
In the Blue Bag we have:

  • Rainy Day socks WIP
  • Dinosaur toy WIP that I've been *knitting* for L for some time now (it's actually done more lurking in my bag than anything else
  • All of my Addi Turbo needles (there's way more there than it looks like in the pic!)
  • Naturally Bamboo circs
  • Sea Horse zippered bag (which goes with the other bag) which contains various bits and pieces like stitch markers, needles, scissors, pen, ruler
  • pins
  • tape measure (crappy one from spotlight which has been chewed numerous times by M)
  • Pattern folder for patterns from the net (this normally lives in the Sea Horse Bag, but I'm using it for my socks atm)
I think that's about it.


Tracy said...

you're more organised and tidy than me :)

Lou's Mum said...

*ahem*.... I *may* have neatened myself up a bit before taking the pic Tracy LOL