Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie

Ok, well not quite. But it certainly scared the &^%$ out of me! Picture this....

Me sitting at the computer (might be hard since you may not know what I look like really, so just insert random female form), M in bed sleeping, L having a bit of quiet time watching ABC2. I get up to go back to M's room to close his bedroom door and what do I see? Two birds flapping around IN MY DINING ROOM!!!! I let out a loud "Holy S**t!! (not something I say regularly mind you, but it seemed an appropriate exclamation given the situation). L comes running down the hallway, which sets these birds off again, flapping their wings and slamming into the windows trying to escape.

Seems I had left the back (side really, but let's not get too technical) sliding door open, and I suspect these birds - which I might add are frequent visitors to our yard - just trotted in for a look-see while the coast was clear. They were some kind of pigeon-ey dove thing. Not my favourite bird, and not too intelligent either I believe. Quite large too I might say. Anyway, after the scare of L coming running, one of them actually managed to find the door after banging itself into the windows a few more times and took off leaving it's *friend* to fend for itself. A quick phone call to DH to tell me how to get rid of this intruder, some masterful moves by me, hiding behind a sheet and a bit of poking with a broomstick, and a bit more flying into the windows, the second bird finally found the door and took off too. phew.

I like birds. But I don't like birds, iykwim. They are cool to look at (well, not these birds, they are pretty boring and we wish they'd go away, we like natives and get quite a lot of them in the backyard), but I don't want them flapping around in my house and I certainly don't want them flapping around my head.

It only occurred to me AFTER I managed to get the bird out, that I should take a picture of the bird in my house to put here, and to prove to all that I will tell this story too, that it did actually happen. As it is, I have this picture of a feather, which the second bird left behind before leaving. A calling card of sorts. It smelled a bit *birdy* for a bit, but we have now recovered.

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