Wednesday, March 7, 2007

.....and other stuff

Ok, first post in blog.

Have been a serial crafter all my life. Always wanted to be crafty for some reason, but not exactly sure why. Maybe to feel the satisfaction of having made something that actually was (a) useful, or (b) cool to look at. Haven't succeeded in either until recently LOL Many an unfinished project has been ditched into the big after several years of it hanging around, in the hope that I'd one day finish it, or better yet, it would magically be finished all by itself!


so the cloth nappies finally got me going and I've found something I really enjoy and which I seem to be able to produce useful items from. Knitting!! yes, knitting. Mum tried to teach me many times (I've even made a crocheted blanket before - will put a pic up later - out of many crocheted squares!) but knitting never really took my fancy. I think it comes from all those ill-fitting jumpers my mum made for me which I *had* to wear or hurt her feelings LOL you know the ones.... too long arms, too tight cuffs, just-not-right fit. She's a good knitter, don't get me wrong. Just never seemed to fit right and probably put me off the whole thing. Also probably had something to do with all the scratchy, acrylic yarn that she used.

So this blog will keep track of all my projects, knitting and otherwise, and I might even post a few other bits and pieces along the way. We'll see how diligent I am :)

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