Friday, March 30, 2007

No camera :(

So I'm sitting here, DH-free this evening, and thinking what a good time to update the blog with pics of my progress so far. Kids are in bed and not sure when DH will be home. But can I find the camera?!?! And L and I made a superb chocolate cake this afternoon - whipped cream in the centre and chocolate frosting on the top... nothing better than a chocolate cake with whipped cream and frosting YUM - and no, chocolate cake is not on the CSIRO diet plan. I also wanted to put up progress pics of my yarn swap longies, but I can't take pics to load :(

I also went up to the local scrapbooking and bead shop and bought myself some goodies to try and have a go at making myself some stitch markers.

On the upside, my new needles arrived today so I can get on and finish those BFL longies!

Now my dilemma is... what do I do? Knit the yarn swap longies? Knit the BFL longies? Have a go at the stitch markers? Or have another piece of chocolate cake?!

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