Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nappycino Spring Swap

These are the shorties I made for the NC spring swap. They are the Picky Pants pattern (which I've since discovered I shouldn't have used for a swap so won't be doing that again!) and I used Treliske Organic Merino purchased from Living With Awareness. So lovely and soft. I dyed the wool myself with food colouring, also purchased from LWA. They dyed up so nicely and I think I did a reasonably good job on the knitting :) I did try to knit these with two balls at once, but my technique must not have been quite right as I ended up with a visible *line* down one leg where I'd changed balls every couple of rows.... hence the star embellishment LOL doesn't affect function though, and I believe the recipient has been very happy with these :)

Had a lot of fun making them.

I also did a matching tee that I stencilled myself using fabric paint, which turned out really well, but don't know if I have a pic of that. will have to have a look later.... M is awake now and need to go pic L up from kindy.

More stuff to come :)

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