Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Stash!

Some pics of my stash. Now, I know this isn't really a lot of wool compared with some people I'm sure, but for me, it's a lot! Especially considering that I only started knitting less than a year ago. And this isn't all of it. Just the most interesting parts of it LOL

L-R from top:

NZ Chocky Swirl 200gms - think this will become some longies for M.
NZ Gems - not sure what to do with this. will probably end up being a soaker. Only 100gms. Although I really don't like how the NZ wool becomes so furry, but makes great outdoor pants since I don't mind if they get dirt on them LOL

FBF Merino custom dye "Black Rainbow" - this was dyed up by Rach from Stitch Sista at Four Bags Full on Ozebaby for me as a custom job. I LOVE IT!!! but.... I'm too afraid to knit it up :( I don't want to ruin it. But there's only enough for some shorties anyway, so I will probably leave this until later in the year and make some fantastic shorties for M! by then I should have built up enough confidence LOL

The two skeins are BFL in "Pacific Moon" from the Natural Dye Studio. Only 100gms so will probably be a soaker, but not sure when I'll get to knit that up.

Second pic starts with some BFL in "Earth Sky" from Monster Knits. Again only 100gms so I think this can wait to become a soaker.

Next to that is 100gms of Knittery Merino in "Blue Rainbow" which I got from Angel Blossom. Love it too! But will have to wait for soaker weather I think. Longies take me too long to knit up and I want to knit some other stuff too.

In that pic also is the Merino Supreme for the child's hoodie that I'm going to knit for L. Some Patons Zhivago, which is for a shrug for me, if I ever get around to it!! And some of the wool for DHs throw rug. Only 2 of the 25 balls required!!!!

Last pic is all my undyed stuff. FBF Merino is the two skeins (and I have another 3 coming!), the round ball is the leftover BFL I got from Monster Knits way back when they first opened (the other half of it has been knitted into shorties). The four other balls are merino from Tas Knits (I think). Anyway, bought direct from the store on ebay. Not as nice and soft as the FBF merino, but will probably be great for a pair of play-in pants. My next problem with this lot is what to do about dyeing it all!

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