Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My other new toy

Bought this second-hand off a local NC-er (you know who you are LOL) and love it! Think I pulled something getting M into it though LOL L was much easier as he can hang on. I'm getting better at it though, and DH even used it over the weekend and liked it!! Ha Ha! Just need to get M used to being in it. He's still not quite sure I think. Were meant to be using this for our OS trip in June, but since that's all gone pear-shaped, I'll just have to make use of it around here. Will make going to the shops easier I think. My pram does not fit through most checkouts :( usually only the disabled one, and sometimes that's the one with the longest line because it's one of two only that are open! Anyway, will make things easier somehow. L is probably at the top of the weight range, but doesn't feel heavy at all!

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