Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Budding Artist

L loves to draw. And he's not too bad at it, for four years old, if you ask me anyway :) He's also into the "crafty stuff" as he calls it! and he has a box of "crafty stuff" which he loves to get out and do. I'll take a pic of that one day. But for now here are some of his drawings from last night. Oh, and he wrote all the words on the drawings himself too :) They are cards for me! Also note the happy faces. DH pointed out that all the animals and people he draws always have happy faces.

Elephant and Giraffe

Lion and Wombat


Joh said...

wow isn't he clever! did he spell wombat all by himself?!

Lou's Mum said...

He is clever :)

I spelled the words to him, but he wrote all the letters himself!