Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Some things I'm working on atm

Jaywalker socks for the Woolaholics knitalong. I'm stuck at the heel and TBH haven't been bothered to keep on going. Novelty has definitely worn off LOL No need to worry about SSS around here... I can't even get the first sock finished! The idea of knitting socks seems so great, and to put something warm and cosy on my feet (although these are destined for DHs feet) that I have made seems so satisfying, and *homey* but I just don't think I'm ever going to get there. DH suggested I try knitting socks for L and M first and if I can finish those then I can get on with these! Might have to go with that suggesting. Doesn't help that DH doesn't like bright, interesting socks, so chose the most boring colour there was. Pattern is quite nice though and I like the zig zag. Quite easy to knit, but just not doing it for me right now. I do love knitting with these bamboo needles though. So light feeling.

A lap-rug for DH

This is DHs anniversary present LOL 7th anniversary gifts are wool or something else that slips my mind right now. Anyway, very slack me didn't organise anything for DH for anniversary last year (in October) so he requested that I knit him a rug. Hmmmm..... even bought me a pattern book of rugs for Christmas, to get my butt into gear to actually do one LOL So I've cast on - all 254 stitches!! - and I'm about 20 rows into it I think. Knitting this with Cleckheaton Country Naturals, which is not the recommended yarn, but it's a rug, so who cares, right? Doesn't need to fit. I would actually prefer that it turns out bigger than the pattern says it will, so didn't bother with gauge swatch, not using correct size needles, or correct yarn LOL Takes me about a half hour to do one row! I've set myself the goal of trying to do at least one row a night. Figure I'll be close to finishing it by winter if I keep at that rate. Progress so far.... have not done one row for about a week. I didn't say WHICH winter I'd be finished by :)

Curly Purly soaker for a friend

This is Four Bags Full merino from Monster Knits and it is so lovely to knit with. I just love the colours too. Knitted up really faster after I got through all that ribbing in the waistband! Seems like that takes forever. Now I'm onto the last leg cuff, but can't seem to find the motivation to do it. Ho hum. I don't really like picking up stitches, and my leg cuffs always seem to flare a bit. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but have changed my cast off method and that seems to have helped some. At least I know the leg cuffs with fit around any chubby thighs that might be in them LOL Had to upsize the pattern a bit, due to not using the recommended yarn, but it's good practice to do that I think. I'm getting pretty good at adjusting patterns for my gauge now, and so far everything has fit! Fingers crossed I'm on a roll! So anyway, the number of stitches in the crotch is more than the pattern, but I think it will fit anyway. The original pattern seems to be a bit narrow in the crotch, at least for my liking, with the one's I've knitted for M. But other than that I love this pattern and I see plenty more curly purly's in my stash in the future!

Longies for M

I bought this wool from Ali at Bumnround at the Four Bags Full store on Ozebaby. Hand-dyed BFL. It's so lovely. I couldn't wait to get these going but had to finish something else first. Have made some great progress with these. I've done the curly purly waistband (can you tell I love it?!) but am kind of winging it with the rest of it. I want to add some short rows in where M needs them, and the picky pants pattern doesn't seem to put them in the right spot, so I'm going to add them where I want them instead and I'm going to try a different technique than suggested in the PP pattern. Also want to change the gusset a little bit, as I want more stitches in the legs in the end. So we'll see how it goes :) Could be interesting!

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